Sailing Islands aboard Rovinkind II

The Crew

When Fred and Patricia left port in September 2014, they knew they would be embarking on a voyage of discovery. It will be a test of their sailing skills and their marriage. They will see things they have never seen before (and maybe never want to see again!). They will see themselves and each other in new ways. They are bravely setting out to do what many dream of doing, but never have the courage to do.

Fred – The Captain

CaptainFredWhen Fred is on a sailboat, he’s in his “happy place”.

He enjoyed 30 years of racing around “cans” in Canada and the US and then caught the bug for cruising about 11 years ago. Now he wants to make Rovinkind II a permanent platform for exploring the world. Fred feels a wonderful vibe from the cruising community and admires how cruisers take care of each other; before you finish putting everything away from your day’s sail, a fellow cruiser has dropped over to say hello and invited you over for food…and perhaps a libation.

Racing made me a better sailor; cruising has made me a better person.
Fred spent six years working for the Canadian Coast Guard doing Search and Rescue (while he was attending university). This experience was eye opening and taught him that safety is not to be taken lightly in the cold North Atlantic waters. He wants to thank the great people he has sailed with over the years; without their kindness he wouldn’t be setting out on this journey.

As a big guy, his first job on a boat was grinding and sitting on the high side. He has attended over 25 Chester Race Weeks (the largest keelboat regatta in Canada). He has sailed in both the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean, and looks forward to returning.

Fred has taught at two universities and in the private sector in both Canada and the United States.  He has degrees in Music, Business and Education. He has an Amateur Radio and VHF License, US Sailing Association and Canadian Power/Sail Squadron Certifications.  He is also a PADI Certified Diver.

Fred caught the sailing bug from his father, a Canadian Navy Veteran. His father started his sailing on a 57-foot Schooner in the Great Lakes as a 14 year old. He remembers his dad smiling every time he talked about the summer days he spent sailing with his friends.

Patricia – The First Mate

Patricia Patricia is a born island girl.

Hailing from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (Travel & Leisure Magazine’s #1 Island Destination in North America and National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s #2 Island in the world), Patricia has always been way more comfortable in, around and near the water. Her childhood was spent splashing in the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes (the largest inland sea in the world and an internationally-renowned sailing destination) – exploring its shores, collecting rocks and shells, canoeing and boating, and swimming and snorkeling. As a teenager, she spent summers on the Atlantic Ocean as a tour guide at the helm of a retrofitted 36ft Cape Islander fishing boat introducing tourists to the Bird Islands and its inhabitants: puffins, bald eagles and seals.

While the ocean is Patricia’s first love, stories are a close second. She has worked her magic as a storyteller – as a tour guide, writing fiction and poetry, highland dancing and acting. Even as a puppeteer and clown in a professional puppet troupe with her mom when she was a pre-teen! When she graduated from high school, she was drawn to journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto where she spent one year. Her travel lust got the best of her, however, and she detoured to the Tourism and Hospitality Management program instead. Patricia has worked over 15 years in marketing communications roles in the private and public sectors and recently earned a Master of Public Relations while working full-time in her current communications job with the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Now she’s ready for the job she’s dreamed of her whole life: Fred’s first mate and ship blogger. Her extensive work experience in the travel, adventure tourism, events and hospitality industries have honed her marketing, promotions and digital communications skills and prepared her well. Her work and personal life will intersect as she blogs the ups and downs of a one year journey.

Lucy – The Cruise Director

Lucy2Lucy is our 4-year old Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.

While her full name is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, she’s otherwise known as The Lucer, Lucy Lou, Mo, Muffin Top…and on occasion Lucifer. Described by the breeder when a puppy as “spirited”, Lucy is a constant source of entertainment and loves to welcome our visitors onboard.

She starts each season as a reluctant sailor and then turns into her salty dog self after a few times on the water. We think she may be a motor boating dog because of her love of riding in the dinghy.

Lucy’s best sailing skill –  the ability to relieve herself on her special “lawn” on the stern of the boat.




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  1. Hello,
    My best buddy in school was Iris. After years of writing we lost touch. Now: when she married Parker she again was able to contact me. How great is that?
    We are now on skype and they told me of your trip. Must say super done and great reading. If you ever come this way stop in. Antwerpen Belgium.

    Kelly was here in the summer. It was great to have her even for a few days.

    I look forward to folling your fantastic trip. This is the second one for my cousin has also after quitting werk; returned from sailing to Puket and such places.
    Good Sailing Patricia

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