Sailing Islands aboard Rovinkind II

Bow Thruster – Part 1 – Where does it go…

Ok….I have the new bow thruster in a box and have spent a whole bunch of money….now what?   I have to admit, I wanted some help to drill the holes in the boat. There is something about drilling holes in my boat that makes me nervous.   A friend (Reg) recommend Mac Morrison at “Morrison Marine” to help with the project.  I spoke with Mac and discussed the scope of the installation and met a couple days ago to start.   We worked together to map out where to put in the holes and Mac did the work that required the brains of the project.

We spent about 45 minutes discussing where to drill the first hole.  The first hole is where the main wires go down into the unit.  This is the most difficult hole to drill.  We discussed where to drill the first hole and where the two other holes will be drilled as part 2 of the installation.  We were not sure about the angle of the hole and how thick the hull was.  The pictures are of Mac looking at the rubber gasket between the thruster and the hull.

We decided to drill the first hole from the inside to get the unit in the correct location to have space for the three holes and wires.





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