Sailing Islands aboard Rovinkind II

Rovinkind goes home again

Our first stop on our journey was to a familiar place for Rovinkind –  the beautiful Mahone Bay island home of our mentors and friends, Peter and Terry (who also happen to be the previous owners of our wonderful boat).


Our mentors and friends, Peter & Terry

There could be no better place to stop and chat about our upcoming journey. After 12 years, Terry and Peter know every nuance of the old girl. On top of the assistance with the boat, they fed and watered (well water to wine) us for two nights, and we tried our best to cook for them on board on the third evening before we left. I am afraid it was not quite the meals they prepared for us, with vegetables right out of their garden, but we tried our best.


Hosting Peter & Terry aboard Rovinkind.

Oh ….did I mention, as seasoned sailors they offered us their guest cottage for showers! The boat is equipped to have a shower, but a land-based shower is a luxury for most sailors.

CabinatBirchGroveThe Cabin at Birch Cove

I feel embarrassed to add this, but they immediately asked us what they could do to help when we arrived and I said sheepishly “well the macerator pump seemed to start once but then just stopped”. Peter looked at Terry and Terry looked back with thoughtful looks on their faces. Now you have to understand the macerator pump is used to pump “waste” out of the boat when you are at sea, if you get my drift. I hated to ask as this is the part of the boat we all love to hate. Without the pump you cannot discharge at sea and you have to get it pumped out (if you can find a place with a pumping facility). I quickly said that I only sought their advice…not anything they’d have to do “hands on”. I felt bad enough even asking. They came out to the boat and the first thing they did was to remove the boards that cover the bilge and get hands on. I felt even worse and offered to do whatever had to be done. They said it was no problem and then just discussed what they did years before to get it working. Two minutes later, I had a working macerator pump. Oh my God, did we come to the right place; I don’t have to buy a new pump (which is the easy part) and install it!

The second thing we noticed a couple days before we departed was that we were only getting a small flame on the propane stove. It was working great the year before but the stove was one thing we neglected to test (oh there were so many things to test). Peter and Terry again went hands on, showing us the part they added to the pressure valve and taking apart the copper lines going to and from the solenoid. Finally we determined it was either the line from the solenoid to the stove or the solenoid itself. We checked the line and it appeared fine. It must have been the solenoid which turns on and off to allow propane to the stove. Well. they offered the solution of tapping on the solenoid with a wrench or hammer. We did it and it worked. The coffee now only takes 7 minutes (rather than 20 with the small flame).

Now when you have a couple of geeks on a boat, having only one computer is hard to live with. We both like to check (me: weather, weather, and hotmail; Patricia: hotmail, Facebook, website for our trip as well as writing, Photoshop and a host of other programs.) We have a Realtek stick for getting WIFI from shore, but only one person can be on. We tried to no avail to share the connection with the iPad, and second computer. Peter went to work and we had difficulty because we were using Windows 7. Peter wrote a script for initializing the connection, which we installed over coffee the next morning.

Is there nothing these guys can’t fix?!  And they continue to respond to our emails seeking their advice within minutes. We refer to them as  our guardian angels; they prefer to refer to themselves as the “ground crew” for this adventure of Rovinkind.

We were sad to depart the third morning as we were enjoying their company, but it was time to make tracks. They understood as they had done the trip many times. The evenings were getting cold, even for the middle of September in Nova Scotia, and we knew it was time to find warmer weather.

IMG_3954Pure joy!


Lucy making friends with Luigi at the neighbor’s house

  1. Photos look great! It all looks wonderful.

    • Thanks Lynn! It has been an adventure already…a new experience every single day. We have a lot of photos and posts still to come…

  2. Hi guys,

    God speed!!

    Fred, I hope you have a can of peaches on board.

    I look forward to following your travels.


    • Great to hear from you Glen! Taking the boat through Hell’s Gate tomorrow…wish me luck!

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