Sailing Islands aboard Rovinkind II

Taking a $1000 gamble on new anchor

Anchor Picture

We all have read the reports from Practical Sailor and other sources about new anchor technology.  I read the sizing chart on the Mantus web site and then contacted Greg Kutsen (at Mantus) about the sizing of the anchor for the boat.  I guess my wife would say that I tend to err to the side of safety  😉  I also like to sleep at night.   We have all stayed awake all night or had short cat naps worrying about the anchor holding.  We currently have a 60 lb CQR  as our primary anchor and I took the chance on the 85lb Mantus (storm size) for our boat.  I will report back and let you know what we find as to the effectiveness of the anchor in different conditions.  We have read reports from people who are sponsored or are marketing the anchor but this is the last piece of the boat equipment you want to have “marketed” to you.  I am a big fan of Practical Sailor Magazine but I want to hear from real sailors.  The picture is of the anchor sitting in our living room (thank god my wife loves me!)

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