Sailing Islands aboard Rovinkind II

The installation of our new bow thruster

Well, here we go….this is one of the most expensive additions we have made to the boat.  It is our new bow thruster. I looked at all the options and decided to go with the eXturn externally mounted bow thruster. No holes through the middle of the boat and I can keep my bow water tank!   I had a couple months of discussion with Alex at eXturn.  I am sure I was a bit of a pain in the behind with all my questions.  He was very patient and helpful.  He answered every question, but I am still nervous spending a load of money on a piece of equipment I have not tested.   Like most sailors, I do not believe in the hype or advertising.  There is good equipment out there but most of us rely on the experienced sailors like Lin and Larry Pardey to pass on their pearls of wisdom.   I don’t imagine they will do a video or book on the eXturn so I will do my best.

Please do not treat this as an advertisement for the eXturn system.  I will document the installation for you and will keep you updated on how it is running. I hope this helps….


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